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Print and Embroidery

Print Services

At Cotton World we have over 30 years experience in garment printing. We continue invest in the latest machinery to offer a full suite of print services:

- Screen Printing, the industry standard for cotton based garments produces tight reproduction from vector files
- Direct to Garment, our state-of-the-art machine enables us to print complex digital images to garments like domestic ink-jet on paper
- Sublimation, allows for reproduction of "all-over" garment designs with increasingly high levels of durability
- Heat Transfer, our new print and cut machine allows efficient and high quality reproduction and application of complex artwork files


We are proud to offer clients a full embroidery service. Embroidered garments produce a high quality look and finish, and the technique works particularly effectively on heavier items, such as polo shirts and sweatshirts.

Our embroidered garments are durable, create a high end appearance and can be reproduced from most digital file formats.

Please visit our Online Catalogue for details about readymade garments available for print and embroidery services.

Left: photograph of screen printed t-shirt.