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Product Manufacture

Our Products

We are proud to offer manufacture of Childrenswear, Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories and Interior Furnishings.

Our partners in India provide production facilities that are vertically integrated with state of the art knitting, processing, collar knitting, sewing, fabric finishing, printing, embroidering, buttoning and retail packaging. This integration enables the supply of high quality knitted and woven textile products at high volume, conforming to global standards.

Our Fabrics

Our leading fabric suppliers hold BCI, GOTS and OE, and GRS 2.1 certifications. We are proud to manufacture textile products using the following fabrics:

- Cotton and Cotton blends, including Poly-Cottons
- Organic Cotton and Organic Cotton blends, including 100% Organic with GOTS and OE certification
- Recycled Cotton and Recycled blends, our fabric partner is a GRS certified company holding its own unit for fabric opening and blending
- BCI Cotton, including 100% BCI with traceability
- Fair Trade, our fabric partner is an FLO certified supplier

Please refer to Our Facilities for details about our manufacturing capabilities in the UK and India.

Left: photograph from a client photoshoot © Whale of a Time Clothing.